Making Calls without Internet Connection

With hundreds of calling or video calling apps out there, why would anyone use another service to make calls?

Using other communication apps, you cannot reach someone who doesn’t have a computer, a smartphone or internet connection. You cannot call your grandma or your hotel you are staying during your holiday.

Sometimes you are not connected to the Internet yourself. We have the solution: Access Numbers, an alternative to calling cards.

With EuroVoIP access numbers you can make international calls from any mobile or landline. An Access Number let you connect to our service as like as making any other local call. You can find those numbers in your profile under Access Numbers. If you call from your own phone, and you have registered your number on MyNumbers page you will be asked just to dial the number you would like to call. Your associated account will be charged for the extra cost of the International Call. That way you don’t even need extra Plans for International Calls. If you make regular calls to a certain country, you can just make them using EuroVoIP service. And remember, with our rates, your balance lasts long and most of all, never expires!